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Supporting your need to know and understand more about behavioral health and suicide prevention

Our goal is to not only put a spotlight on a problem that claimed the lives of too many New Hampshire residents last year, but also examine how prevention can and does work, and offer resources to help those who may be in crisis. According to a government study, suicide rates in New Hampshire rose nearly 50% over a 17 year period (1999 – 2016).

Zero Suicide

The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester adopted the Zero Suicide challenge which offers a practical framework for system-wide transformation toward safer suicide care. The foundational belief of Zero Suicide is that suicide deaths for individuals under the care of health and behavioral health systems are preventable.

Treatment Program

Our programs and services are aimed at restoring health and improving quality of life. We can respond to your individual treatment needs through a variety of programs, services and resources only available through our system of care. Our highly-qualified team of compassionate staff are trained in a multitude of specialty areas for treating individuals of all ages.

Medication Information

Your treatment plan is our priority. Our Medication Services team of trained psychiatrists and nurse practitioners, work collaboratively within all programs offered at The Center to prescribe and monitor the use of psychiatric medications.

Treatment Approach

Our system of care utilizes an Evidence-Based Practice, in which extensive research indicates the most appropriate treatments for specific mental health diagnoses. It is a recovery-oriented approach by which we are able to provide the right care, at the right time, in the right setting.


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