Clinical Directors

Clinical Directors

Jennifer Conley

Jennifer Conley, Cypress Center

“At the Cypress Center, we offer a multi-faceted approach to crisis stabilization in a comfortable non-hospital setting.  Our specialized staff and programming offer a unique opportunity for treatment, education, and connection to community resources”.

Kari Sanborn, Emergency & Interim Care Services

“Our staff understands how difficult times of crisis can be.   We are not satisfied with just managing your emergency in the moment; we are committed to joining you in finding services and solutions for a better tomorrow.”

Jessica LaChance

Jessica LaChance, Rapid Response Team

“MCRT can assist a person of any age who is experiencing a mental health and/or substance misuse crisis. Help, assessment, and support can be provided anytime, anywhere, 24/7. It only takes one call.”

Diane Distaso, Community Support Services

“At Community Support Services we believe in providing compassionate care for society’s most vulnerable individuals.  Our broad array of Evidence-Based Practices and community-based services are delivered through highly trained, professional staff who believe in wellness, inclusion, and recovery.”

Jeanna Barr

Jeanna Still, Children & Adolescent Services

“Mental health issues with children can be complicated. Our office-based services and community outreach programs adapt to meet individual challenges for each child and their family, as well as in the schools and neighborhoods.”

Cassandra Durand, ProHealth Integrated Primary Care Clinic

“Overall wellness is achieved when physical health can be integrated with mental health. Our goal is to improve the well-being of participating patients through the complete integration of primary care and mental health services at one location.”

Sarah Bernier, Bedford Counseling Assoc. & Medication Services

“Our practice welcomes people of all ages and concerns by combining the best methods of care and support, which help individuals gain insight into managing and resolving their recovery.”

Sue Guarino, Research

“Every year The Mental Health Center participates in numerous leading-edge research studies in which results help to formulate best practices for mental health treatments.”