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We have several convenient locations throughout Manchester

401 Cypress St.401 Cypress St.


The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester: We are a private mental health provider delivering comprehensive services to children, teenagers, and adults. We offer a full range of treatments and programs and offer unique resources you can’t find at other practices.

The Cypress Center: An alternative to hospitalization, The Cypress Center offers a short-term, compassionate care environment to New Hampshire adult residents 18 and older who experience a psychiatric emergency.

Other programs at this location include: Information Technology, NH Rapid Response Team, as well as Emergency and Interim Care Services.

2 Wall St.2 Wall St


Bedford Counseling Associates: An affiliate program of The Mental Health Center, BCA offers private, short-term counseling services for individuals of all ages throughout northern New England.

Medication Services: A team of specialists prescribe and monitor psychiatric medications and provide follow-up services to individuals within our system of care who require medication evaluation and monitoring.

Other programs at this location include: Child & Adolescent Services, Human Resources, Accounting, Administration, Quality Improvement, Revenue Cycle Management, Community Relations as well as Training and Consultation.

1555 Elm St.1555 Elm St.


Community Support Services: For those experiencing serious and on-going forms of mental illness, our Community Support Services provides a network of resources and programs to help you maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle in the community.

Other programs at this location include: Research and ProHealth Integrated Care: a whole-health program offering both mental health services and primary healthcare in one location for ages 16-35.

9 Blodget St.9 Blodget St.


North End Counseling: Offers individual and group treatment for those suffering from difficulty regulating mood or emotions, or who have experienced trauma. North End Counseling services are aimed at helping improve your overall quality of life.

5 Blodget St.5 Blodget St.


Training Center: The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester conducts several external trainings at this location.


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