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You are not Alone; We are here for you

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The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester continues to positively impact the community through our Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT) initiative. MCRT reaches many people struggling with mental health issues at any hour, day or night. With over 4,800 individuals helped since 2017, MCRT has successfully diverted 94% away from emergency rooms and to more appropriate care. Through this process many of our citizens are now on the road to their recovery.

The Mental Health Center knows there are times when health concerns get so bad that suicide seems like the only way out. Through MCRT’s ability to reach out in the moment, countless lives are saved. Here is a comment made by just one individual helped by MCRT; “MCRT has given me a glimpse of hope when I contemplated suicide.”
We are all in this together and as suicide numbers across the country have increased. Working together we can turn this around. Here at the Center we have created a Zero Suicide Goal. This brings to the forefront the issue of suicide in all that we do.

If you are in crisis, call MCRT. They are here for you when you need them (800) 688-3544.

You can also support your local Mental Health Center. Check out our web site and make a contribution that gives others the hope they need and save lives.


Another year and another month to reflect and spend some valuable time thinking about our Mental Health.
As we enter Black History Month it is important to understand the issues surrounding mental illness and how this has and continues to play in the lives of African Americans.
As we get closer to the end of Suicide Awareness Month, I have some thoughts to share with everyone. We all know that if we only pay attention to Suicide Awareness during September, we miss all the times people struggle throughout the year.

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