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Mental Health Awareness Month 2024

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Another year and another month to reflect and spend some valuable time thinking about our Mental Health. How has yours been? How about your loved ones, family, friends, co-workers, and yes… even your pets?

According to the World Health Organization across our world, one in every eight people struggles with a mental disorder of various degrees. We are still seeing numbers that reflect about 1 in 5 Americans struggling with mental health issues every year. We know that suicide rates have constantly risen over the past ten years, and we are now cautiously seeing some decreases in studies. However, suicide is still the number one resulting action of death in children between the ages of 10 to 14 in our state of New Hampshire.

This information means that we need to take a serious look at all the causes that lead to numbers. However, though helpful, just knowing causal factors does not always change behavioral outcomes. There are things we know that do. First, the longer it takes to express these feelings the more complicated they become; people will often look for ways to relieve their symptoms, and this usually leads to more severe illness. We also know that the sooner individuals get the help needed to deal with their issues the positive outcomes are remarkable. The adage,” Talk about it!” has never been more correct.

We must get over the stigmas related to mental illness and open the doors so that everyone feels comfortable discussing their feelings. We hear so often these days,  “It’s ok to not be ok.” We need to make sure the message is further developed in that it is not okay to let those feelings fester inside ourselves. It is not ok to not talk about feelings.

This starts with each of us becoming more observant of those around us and feeling comfortable when we question those, we suspect are having difficulty. Talking about our emotions, though can sometimes be painful, will never make them worse. It will continue to support our world that is acceptable to talk about feelings.  The bottom line is quite simple …

Talking about our feelings helps, it makes us feel better, it sometimes can save a life, it can restore HOPE, and quite simply it just works!

If you or someone you know are in crisis know that so many wonderful people want to help. Please share this… Just dial 988 or call 883-710-6477.

Rik Cornell


As we enter Black History Month it is important to understand the issues surrounding mental illness and how this has and continues to play in the lives of African Americans.
As we get closer to the end of Suicide Awareness Month, I have some thoughts to share with everyone. We all know that if we only pay attention to Suicide Awareness during September, we miss all the times people struggle throughout the year.
This month of September, also known to some as “Suicide Awareness Month,” has come again, and we seem to be no better off than where we were a year ago.

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