Why give to local non profits?

Giving to others is one way we show appreciation and gratitude for the people in our lives. It can also be a way to show our support and care for those in need. While giving can help spread happiness, it can also help to build hope for those who may have lost their hope somewhere along the way.  Like the older adult, now alone after the loss of her husband of 55 years. The young child of seven years fighting to control emotions that could lead to being removed from a traditional school and away from friends. For the forty-year-old gentleman who has just lost his job and faces the need to re-direct his well-loved career. For all the needed support for teens who feel hopeless and wonder if life is worth living.

Yes, giving can make a difference in someone’s life. Supporting these causes can lead to Hope and positive outcomes that grow a healthier community. When we all pitch in to help each other, we all win.

Please consider giving to the Mental Health Center during NH Gives using this link https://www.nhgives.org/organizations/mhcgm.  NH Gives is a 24-hour day of giving in which people can show their support for local charities and it begins at 5 PM on June 6. What you give will go to encourage, support, and for some, save a life.

Thank You.

Rik Cornell
VP of Community Relations and Development