May is Mental Health Awareness Month – How are you doing?

Mental Health Awareness Month- A great time to take a look at ourselves.

As we look at this Month of Mental Health Awareness ask yourself a very simple question.


What has the pandemic done to you? What has it done to your health, your family and friends, your job, your community, and even your pet?  What is different now? What have you gained, but more importantly what have you lost?

MAYBE YOU ARE NOT OK.  AND JUST SO YOU KNOW, THAT IS OK.  There are a lot of people around you who feel the same.  But it is what we do about it that is important.

Time has a funny way of taking our bad and difficult experiences in life and making them seem better. But seeming like and being better, are two different things. The trouble is when we ignore our sadness, anxiety, or losses we also ignore our well-being. For some, this can lead to further problems with our health.  So, what do we do? First, we need to reach out to each other knowing that it is ok to not feel ok. These are real problems. So, when should we do this? How about now, today. Our staff is here to help and they are just a call away.

You can make an appointment by calling 603-668-4111 and clicking on the scheduling selection., OR you can call our Rapid Response access Point at 883-710-6477. Either way, don’t wait, you deserve to feel better, and besides, it’s ok to feel ok!


Rik Cornell

VP of Community Relations