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Mental health issues can affect anyone, at any age. Like other illnesses, mental health problems must be diagnosed and treated for you to get back to your life and your relationships.

We offer highly-accessible mental health counseling services and programs for individuals and families aimed at putting you on a path to wellness. You deserve to live well, feel capable in the face of challenges, and achieve your true potential. It starts here.

Community Support Services

For those experiencing serious and persistent forms of mental illness, including substance misuse, we offer a network of services and programs designed for you.

You’re in Good Hands. You’ll work individually with a mental health professional who coordinates and administers your treatment and ensures you have the resources you need to safely maintain yourself in the community.

North End Counseling Program

This program provides individual and group treatment for persons suffering from difficulty regulating mood or emotions, or who have experienced trauma and eating disorders. North End Counseling services are aimed at helping enhance your coping skills, enabling you to self-manage your emotions, build positive relationships, minimize crises, and improve your overall quality of life. We provide a full Dialectical Behavioral Therapy program, as well as Cognitive Processing Therapy and Prolonged Exposure Therapy for trauma.

Assertive Community Treatment

This evidence-based practice features small caseloads and a relationship with a team of care providers to serve hard-to-reach individuals, often with serious substance misuse problems in addition to their mental illness. Services are community-based and are available 24/7 if necessary.

Supported Employment

This evidence-based practice features small caseloads and a relationship with a team of care providers to serve hard-to-reach individuals, often with serious substance misuse problems in addition to their mental illness. Services are community-based and are available 24/7 if necessary.


Physical health and wellness are just as important – and a critical support for – mental well-being. Our In SHAPE program is a best practice aimed at improving physical health and the quality of life for individuals with severe mental illness through promotion of exercise, healthy diet, and community inclusion.


ProHealth brings mental health and primary care services together in one location, improving access to care for young adults ages 16 – 35 years. ProHealth Brochure

ProHealth is a partnership between The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester and Amoskeag Health, and offers wellness programs with tools and support to help you feel better and get better. For additional resources check out our podcasts. For more information about ProHealth call 668-4111.

Community Connections Program

For individuals with mental illness facing the criminal justice system, we offer an effective and meaningful alternative. Community Connections serves to divert individuals from the criminal justice system by engaging them in appropriate mental health treatment services in order to modify behaviors and achieve recovery.

A Partner in Your Recovery

Bedford Counseling Associates(BCA), an affiliate of The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester(MHCGM), offers private, confidential, and short-term counseling services, along with medication services for individuals of all ages. Patients in the BCA program also have the advantage of being connected to the entire MHCGM system of care should needs change.

To learn more about Bedford Counseling Associates’ programs and services, please visit our website.

Medication Services

A team of specialists prescribe appropriate psychiatric medications and monitor their use when there is a need to reduce symptoms, increase comfort or heighten the effectiveness of counseling services. Follow-up care is also available to individuals in other programs who require medication evaluation and monitoring. Click here for our brochure on Benzodiazepines.

The Mental Health Center also offers Medication Assisted Recovery Services in an outpatient setting at our Bedford Counseling Services location, to treat substance use disorders. To learn more, click here for our Medication Assisted Recovery brochure.

Genoa Pharmacy – The Mental Health Center has partnered with Genoa Healthcare to offer pharmacy services at both our 1555 Elm Street and 2 Wall Street locations.

Crisis Intervention Services

For immediate and serious care, we offer three crisis intervention programs that deliver treatment as soon as it’s needed.

Mobile Crisis Response

For adults and seniors experiencing a time of crisis, our Mobile Crisis Response quickly and seamlessly deploys mental health clinicians and peer support and recovery coaches directly to the individual, or individuals, in need.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health or substance misuse crisis, CALL (800) 688-3544

Emergency Interim Care

In collaboration with Catholic Medical Center and Elliot Health System, we provide around-the-clock mental health crises response, including suicide prevention, for adults in the emergency departments, as well as at our 401 Cypress St. location.

A team of medical personnel, including mental health counselors, psychiatrists and nurse practitioners, provide immediate care for crisis management through the transition to the appropriate follow-up care.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a psychiatric emergency, please call (603) 668-4111 and select option 2 for Emergency and Interim Care Services, or call 911.


Provides support to community individuals and/or groups who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event. We are committed to helping our community members manage the impact of experiencing or witnessing traumatic events when needed, whether in a home setting, school, place of employment or other community location.

A team of skilled clinicians will provide group support, educational gatherings and confidential individual sessions to assist individuals and groups experiencing the emotional aftershocks and stress reactions that commonly occur following a disturbing event.

The Cypress Center

Providing an innovative alternative to hospitalization, our Cypress Center offers short-term crisis stabilization in a safe, comfortable setting that focuses on helping individuals return to their homes and families as soon as possible. The Cypress Center is a locked, 16-bed unit for adults 18 and older. It provides compassionate care to people from throughout New Hampshire who are experiencing a psychiatric emergency, including thoughts of suicide.

The Cypress Center is licensed as a Designated Receiving Facility by the NH Department of Health and Human Services. Clients are typically referred after an emergent psychiatric evaluation by a clinician or medical provider.

The Cypress Center provides as-needed clinical interventions, including skills-based groups throughout the admission process. Average stays can last 3-7 days and aftercare is coordinated with outpatient providers, family members, and community resources to support continued wellness following discharge. The Cypress Center is staffed 24/7 by a team that includes psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, psychiatric nurses, and counselors.