MHCGM Staff Articles

Celebrating Diversity through Culturally Responsive Allyship

In honor of our diverse populations, let us celebrate Juneteenth and Pride Month by embracing the opportunity to discuss safe spaces for healing in our health system. As a healing community, we must recognize the diverse needs of our colleagues and the folx* we serve. Diverse populations vary in how folx identify their race, ethnicity,… Read More

What about you? Time for a career change?

If you are starting to look at potential careers for your life, ask yourself, “what am I good at?  What do I enjoy?  What makes me happy?  What can I give to others?”  All these simple questions are so important when deciding what a successful career can and should be made of. For some, you… Read More

May is Mental Health Awareness Month – How are you doing?

Mental Health Awareness Month- A great time to take a look at ourselves. As we look at this Month of Mental Health Awareness ask yourself a very simple question. ARE YOU OK? What has the pandemic done to you? What has it done to your health, your family and friends, your job, your community, and… Read More