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Why Talk about Suicide during this Pandemic?

In this time when our country is medically compromised and many people are financially stressed. A time when our country seems heavily divided politically. A time when many Americans are saying social injustice must end in our country. When the public is witnessing the world’s climate changing in ways it has never seen before. During… Read More

When someone is contemplating suicide there is help…

Giving up on life is a very horrifying decision. Often time’s people go through years of contemplation before they make the decision to end their life. What may be simple and easy to deal with for so many is often not the case for others. There seems to be just as many reasons why a… Read More

I’m Fine

He was a friend. He was my best friend. There are so many times he made me laugh. He was a joker and loved to surprise people. He had a lot of friends. He was the kind of person that If there was a need to help others, he was always there. He was that… Read More