MHCGM Staff Articles

Aging Positively in the Modern World

In many ways Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon’s quest to find the fountain of youth appears to have been a success. Average life expectancy is 30 years longer than it once was, retirement age is creeping ever northward, and adults 60+ represent the fastest-growing segment of the population, giving rise to any number of…Read More

MHCGM Participates in Groundbreaking Clinical Trial for Treating Depression

Each year, The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester collaborates with various organizations to conduct research studies which explore different areas of mental illness and recovery, and has enjoyed a 15 year history as an active participant in studying evidence-based practices. This year a clinical team at our affiliate program, Bedford Counseling Associates, has agreed…Read More

When Grief Gets “Complicated”

 Of the many social idiosyncrasies Facebook has brought to bear, relationship status “It’s complicated” is perhaps the most iconic. Complication, after all, can indicate any number of unpleasantnesses, none of which seem appropriate for everyday conversation. And when it comes the loss of a loved one, “the tendency socially is to bury the desire to…Read More