MHCGM Staff Articles

Zero Suicide Is A Team Approach

Talking about suicide can seem difficult. It can feel burdensome or invasive. And though false, there is the perception that the mere mention of it will put the idea in someone’s head. The truth is, however, death by suicide is in fact preventable.  With that in mind, the Mental Health Center is pleased to announce…Read More

Intensive Transition Team joins Suite of Services

The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester (MHCGM) has launched a new Behavioral Health Intensive Transition Team (ITT), which will support the needs of high-risk children and adults discharged from Emergency Departments of Catholic Medical Center or Elliot Health System. The new team will support individuals as they progress through a continuum of acute care…Read More

Outreach Team Helps Alleviate Trauma Aftershocks

Unfortunately, there are times in our lives when traumatic events happen, and when they do, there are undoubtedly many individuals in the community who are personally affected by such events.  In circumstances of a sudden death for instance, there are typically family, friends, colleagues, schoolmates, or other groups of individuals, who can suddenly find themselves…Read More