MHCGM Staff Articles

June is Gay Pride Month

I am a happily married, gay male. The fact that I can write this for my company is predicated on a rich history of bravery and battle by men and women who came before me.  I have simply benefited from their sacrifice.  June is recognized as Gay Pride Month on a global level—and “Gay” in… Read More

Homelessness: a concern for all of New Hampshire

Elected officials should develop a formal statewide plan and support strategy As Manchester is faced with the ravages and uncertainty of the Covid pandemic, many have had to do with less, isolate from family members and perhaps withdraw from others. Many have had to turn their homes into schools for our youth, convert a kitchen… Read More

A Time for Compassion

When faced with challenging times, the best and worst in people typically shows itself quickly. For those who struggle with fear, times like these are even more difficult. The same can be said for those who suffer from depression and other forms of mental illness. Lets’ face it; we are all a bit anxious and… Read More