Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month

As suicide awareness and prevention month ends, let’s not let up. Let’s keep talking and spreading the word that death as a result of suicide is preventable. Reminding people that there is always hope at the end of our struggles. That We are all connected, and together we can help so many. And finally, to those thinking about suicide, while they feel alone, they are not. We are all here to help each other because together, we do remarkable things. Today is but one day in an entire lifetime. While we never know how long that lifetime will be, everyone deserves to be happy, free and filled with the warmth of understanding that what makes this life wonderful is the compassion we can receive from others if we only reach out.

Kermit, the frog, once sang it’s not easy being green. Well, Kermit, it’s not easy being many things. It’s not easy feeling suicidal. It’s not easy feeling the burdens of life’s grief. But there are times when others can be with you and lift you. All it takes is someone to hear, someone to listen, someone to care. Today we start the difficult journey of finding those who will listen and telling them our story. Today we save ourselves.