New Pharmacy to Open at Wall Street Facility

Genoa Healthcare announces the opening of a second on-site pharmacy on May 22nd with The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester, which will be located at Two Wall Street. Genoa Healthcare is the largest provider of pharmacy, telepsychiatry, and medication management services for individuals with behavioral health or other complex, chronic health conditions and currently has a pharmacy at The Center’s Elm Street location.

The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester partners with Genoa Healthcare to provide pharmacy services for consumers. Genoa Healthcare is able to fulfill all of MHCGM’s consumers’ medication needs on-site to ensure that they’re provided with convenient, quality pharmacy services.

 If you are a consumer of MHCGM, Genoa Healthcare can:

  • Conveniently fill all medications on-site, saving you multiple pharmacy stops
  • Assist with insurance plans and questions, including Medicaid and Medicare
  • Provide medication delivery options
  • Dispense your medications in our Convenient Adherence Packaging so that they are easier to take
  • Personalize our service to fit your needs
  • Transfer prescriptions to the Genoa pharmacy for you
  • Send you refill reminders

 Please stop by to say hello or give Genoa a call to learn more about their services!


Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy

Located within MHCGM

2 Wall St., Suite 102

Manchester, NH 03101

Phone: (603) 509-2106

Fax: (603) 965-2034

 Convenient Pharmacy Hours:

Monday-Friday: 8:30am-5pm