Manchester Rotary donates to MHCGM to support services for children

The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester received a $10,000 donation from The Manchester Rotary Club to support children in the community who are victims of trauma. Youth trauma has been shown to increase the likelihood of substance use, depression, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease later in life. With each added adverse childhood experience, the risk for these life-reducing outcomes grows exponentially. The Evidence-based Trauma Care program at The Mental Health Center, known as TREAT (Trauma Recovery through Evidence-Based Assessment and Treatment), aims to grow Manchester into a Trauma-informed community. To improve access, mental health professionals spend their days in Manchester Schools and at child-serving agencies in the community.  The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester provides the highest amount of mental health services to children in the state.

Pictured from left to right; Manchester Rotary President, George Jumpt, MHCGM Director of Development, Sandra Seney, MHCGM President & CEO, Patricia Carty and Rotary Member and MHCGM Board of Director, Mark Burns