The Center marks five years of offering Critical Time Intervention Services

While MHCGM has been providing Critical Time Intervention (CTI) since 2017, an evidence-based practice,  through our Care Transitions Team, the only other Community Mental Health Center offering a similar program is Greater Nashua Mental Health.   From 2017-2020 other non-profit agencies were offering versions of CTI throughout the state under the Medicaid Expansion Waiver,including transitional support for clients obtaining housing after a period of homelessness or family reunification after a period of separation.

For the Department of Health and Human Services, July 1, 2022 marked the kickoff of the statewide CTI (Critical Time Intervention) initiative! This marks the first time that CTI teams will be implemented at all 10 Community Mental Health Centers, offering the same transitional support for clients returning to the community after a psychiatric hospitalization at any of New Hampshires Designated Receiving Facilities (DRF). A DHHS press release on July 7, 2022 highlighted that along with Rapid Response and the 988 crisis hotline number, CTI is an integral part of the 10 Year Mental Health Plan.

CTI is a 9-month case management model that starts the day of discharge and is designed to phase out services provided by the team over time. The goal is to support the client upon return to the community, connecting to resources that will stabilize and prevent a relapse of symptoms and/or return to the Emergency Department or hospital.

CTI services are available to new and current clients of MHCGM, discharging from a DRF, and are designed to complement and enhance other services offered at the center. CTI staff may help clients with medicaid/housing applications, connection to PCP/behavioral health/substance treatment, and other community resources (peer support, food pantries, fuel/electric assistance, etc.).  CTI staff will also support clients in finding ways to overcome treatment barriers such as addressing issues with telephones, transportation, etc.

Referrals for CTI can come from staff of Designated Receiving Facilities as well as clinical teams. For questions regarding CTI at The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester, call (603) 668-4111.