State of Recovery: Community Input Requested for Solutions to Addiction

While the opioid crisis has been making national headlines in recent months, addiction is sadly nothing new in New Hampshire. Individuals and families continue to struggle with mental health and addiction and the effects are far reaching, too often impacting entire communities. Community members have the ability to make a difference, to become empowered, and to help turn the tide of addiction. That’s the focus of the upcoming EmpowerYOU Community Learning Series organized by Makin’ It Happen.

Once a month from 6-8pm at Jupiter Hall (89 Hanover Street, Manchester, NH), community members are invited to participate in this series to help make a difference in the health of their neighborhoods. The series kicks off on November 13th with “Understanding Addiction” presented by Serenity Place. Makin’ It Happen is a regional coalition on a mission to build resilient communities. Focused on educating families about potential warning signs, when to worry, and what to do if they have concerns. They want the public to be aware of the innovative and collaborative work being done to better understand and treat substance use disorders. They want to share success stories of people overcoming their addiction. They want to empower everyone to be a part of the solution.

Makin’ It Happen facilitates a monthly collaborative meeting of substance use disorder providers working in prevention, treatment and recovery. The group is working together on many collaborative efforts to fortify regional communities including community education and engagement such as the learning series. This series is a collaborative effort, which currently includes the following partners: Manchester Health Department, Network4Health, Southern NH Planning Commission, Families in Transition, New Futures, NNE Poison Control, Serenity Place, Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester, National Alliance for Mental Illness NH, Teen Institute, Hope for NH Recovery, NH Harm Reduction Coalition and Partnership for a Drug-Free NH. The series is expected to continue and add additional partners, sponsors and presenters as it builds. The monthly programs are open to the public and are free of charge. Click here to learn more.

This collaborative learning series aims to share the stories of prevention, treatment and recovery at work, to share the culture of collaboration and community health and to share with the community the vision for a future Manchester that provides access to care to those who need it, when and where they need it.