ProHealth Integrated Care Opens on Elm Street

The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester in partnership with Amoskeag Health, has opened a new integrated care program, bringing primary care medical  services into the community mental health center environment. The ProHealth Integrated Care program is located at 1555 Elm Street and will offer unique whole health services for people (ages 16-35) who may be experiencing mental health challenges. Services such as screening, detection and treatment of physical health conditions will be done within the mental health agency, in order to provide both physical and mental healthcare services in one location, rather than in isolation The new wellness approach will allow participants to make lifestyle changes and utilize all the services and supports that are available for improving overall health outcomes.

Patients who participate in the ProHealth format, can also choose to partake in incentive programs for weight management, nutrition, fitness, tobacco prevention, reduction and cessation. By adapting an integrated wellness approach, participants will have access to other evidence-based medical and behavioral health treatments and specialty services offered by the partnering agencies.

Statistics show that on average, Americans with major mental illness die 14 to 32 years earlier than the general population. According to the National Institute on Mental Health, “ Americans who have a Serious Mental Illness die of the same things that the rest of the population experience — cancer, heart disease, stroke, pulmonary disease, and diabetes; yet they are more likely to suffer chronic diseases associated with addiction (especially nicotine), obesity, and poverty (with its attendant poor nutrition and health care) and they may suffer the adverse health consequences earlier.

ProHealth’s integrated services for overall health and wellbeing will compliment other established programs of The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester such as; the Mobile Crisis Response Team, Inshape, Intensive Transition Teams, Assertive Community Treatment and more.  ProHealth NH is one more program in which MHCGM and other community partners have aligned to provide greater access to care with a network of services for those in need.