Peer Support Specialists Are Making A Difference!

The Peer Support Specialist Workforce is an essential part of the healthcare workforce. -particularly during COVID-19. This study produced actionable insights affecting the mental health and substance use system from the perspective of peer support specialists. Kudos to The Manchester Peer Collaborative on their work to highlight these important areas!!

Background: Peer support specialists offering mental health and substance use support services have been shown to reduce stigma, hospitalizations, and health care costs. However, as peer support specialists are part of a fast-growing mental health and substance use workforce in innovative integrated care settings, they encounter various challenges in their new roles and tasks.

Objective: The purpose of this study was to explore peer support specialists’ experiences regarding employment challenges in integrated mental health and substance use workplace settings in New Hampshire, USA.

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Actionable Items to Address Challenges Incorporating Peer Support Specialists Within an Integrated Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder System: Co-Designed Qualitative Study