The Center partners with MIASP to support services for adolescents

The Mental Health Center recently forged a new partnership with the non-profit organization, Mental Illness and Suicide Prevention (MIASP),  to support the ongoing mental health needs of children and teens in the community.

The core mission of MIASP is to eliminate barriers for teens seeking mental health help. The organization was founded by a group of teens after the suicide of a friend, brother, and peer: Edward Chambers.

MIASP board members, Isabelle Laizure and Jada Tessier, recently presented a donation to Jonathan Routhier, MHCGM Vice President and COO, to establish the Eddie Chambers Fund, which will be used within the Child & Adolescent Department to support the behavioral health needs of those aged 11-19 with associated expenses for counseling, therapy,  intake/consultation, and psychiatric medications as necessary.