Grant to support bikes for mental health clients

The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester (MHCGM) was the recipient of a $4500 grant from The Granite State Health and Fitness Foundation to provide bicycles to patients of The Center who are enrolled in the MHCGM InSHAPE program.  InSHAPE is a best practice aimed at improving physical health and the quality of life for individuals experiencing severe mental illness (SMI).  Through a combination of fitness, nutrition, and social and community engagement, InSHAPE helps a person with SMI live a better and healthier life.

The grant funds will support a new pilot collaborative with the Queen City Bike Collective (QCBC).  Through training and a bike provided by QCBC, the people selected for this pilot program will be able to engage more fully in a healthy lifestyle. Over the next year, ten InSHAPE clients will earn a bike and learn basic bike maintenance provided by QCBC, and they will work with their INSHAPE trainer to implement the use of the bike into their individual health and fitness plan.

As a foundation “striving to promote and support health, fitness and wellness lifestyle experiences and opportunities,” collaborating with The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester and QCBC was a natural fit for this pilot program” said Larry Gagnon, Board Chair of Granite State Health and Fitness Foundation.

To learn more about these organizations go to: The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester; Queen City Bike Collective:; Granite State Health and Fitness Foundation:

(pictured from left to right: Abby Easterly, Executive Director, Queen City Bike Collective, Larry Gagnon, Chair, Granite State Health and Fitness Foundation, Deb Acres, Health Mentor, MHCGM)