Inshape program adds new pilot program with bikes

The Inshape Program at the Mental Health Center is a best practice aimed at improving physical health and quality of life for individuals with severe mental illness through the promotion of exercise, a healthy diet, and community inclusion. Patients enrolled in this unique program, are introduced to many forms of exercise and healthy routines. Recently, The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester added a pilot program in utilizing biking, which was made possible thru a grant from The Granite State Health and Fitness Foundation and a partnership with the Queen City Bike Collective. Due to this community partnership, more MHCGM patients will be getting bikes to help them stay active and on the road to leading a healthier lifestyle.

People with severe mental disorders on average tend to die earlier than the general population. This is referred to as premature mortality. There is a 10-25 year life expectancy reduction in patients with severe mental disorders. To improve those odds, a greater emphasis is placed on primary prevention strategies such as assertive smoking cessation, dietary and exercise interventions. Programs at The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester integrate the connection in achieving overall wellness and offer many opportunities to incorporate physical wellbeing in addition to mental wellbeing.

video credit: OS Media