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Looking for a New Year’s Resolution?

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Talk about mental illness.

Try to talk about it every day and every chance you get.

Stigma of mental illness cannot survive in a world where we discuss it.

It will never survive when we come together to understand how it impacts people and behavior.

Need motivation?

I in 5 Americans live with some form of Mental Illness every day.

Over 40,000 Americans die as a result of Suicide each year.

Need more?

In the United States, teen suicide rates are rising.

Most people never talk about mental illness because of stigma.

How about some more?

You probably know some of these people and for those reading this you may even be one.

One last motivating thought…

Talk brings us all together and through understanding each other we help ourselves.

Now that’s a great way to start this New Year, don’t you think?             



Another year and another month to reflect and spend some valuable time thinking about our Mental Health.
As we enter Black History Month it is important to understand the issues surrounding mental illness and how this has and continues to play in the lives of African Americans.
As we get closer to the end of Suicide Awareness Month, I have some thoughts to share with everyone. We all know that if we only pay attention to Suicide Awareness during September, we miss all the times people struggle throughout the year.

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