Spotlight on Bridget

My name is Bridget O’Donnell and I am an IPS Counselor here at MHCGM. I have been working in this capacity since January of this year. To me working in this field is a privilege and a responsibility that I am delighted to have the opportunity to undertake.

At certain points in my life I have struggled with mental illness myself, I have sat where many of my clients currently sit. I know that recovery is possible! I’ve seen it and experienced it. So many times people think they need to recover in the shadows and in the darkness, alone, this could be due to stigma or embarrassment. The truth is that there is healing in sharing. I once read that when you replace “I” with “WE” you get wellness instead of illness.

It’s fitting that mental health awareness month occurs in May, as this is the time of year that things are blossoming. Much like our clients and ourselves, the beautiful springtime flowers had to endure rainstorms, bitter cold, and darkness to bloom in the sunlight of spring.