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Community Support Services

Community Support Services
Community Support Services is large network of services and programs designed to meet the often extensive needs of persons with serious and usually persistent forms of mental illness. The program is based on our Clinical Case Management model. Each client is assigned to a mental health professional who not only provides and coordinates all treatment services, including substance abuse when indicated, but also takes whatever steps are necessary to make sure the client has all other services and resources necessary to maintain themselves safely in the community. 
Some of the more specialized teams or programs include:
  • North End Counseling - a program for individuals who have difficulty regulating mood and/or emotions, as well as persons who have experienced trauma. Individual and group treatment approaches are used to enhance coping skills to enable participants to self-manage emotions, build positive relationships, minimize crises and improve quality of life.
  • Assertive Community Treatment - an intensive, community-based approach featuring small caseloads and a relationship with a team of care providers to serve hard-to-reach clients, often with serious substance abuse problems in addition to their mental illness.
  • Supported Employment - an approach that uses vocational specialists to assist clients in finding jobs and building supports to help them maintain employment. It serves to increase self sufficiency and promote recovery.
  • Residential Services - offers three residential facilities for MHCGM clients who require a supervised living situation. A Housing Outreach Team also offers in-home supports for clients in their own apartments.
  • In SHAPE - a program aimed at improving the physical health and quality of life of persons with severe mental illness by promoting exercise. healthy diet and community inclusion.  In SHAPE Annual Appeal 2014

The Community Support Services department is conveniently located at 1555 Elm St in downtown Manchester, NH. For directions Click here.

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