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SYMPOSIUM - Resilience for Children and Adults

Location: SERESC, Bedford NH

Date: Wed., May 10, 2017

Presenter/Speaker: Andrew Shatte'

Cost: $175.00

CEUs: 6.0


13th Annual New Hampshire Mental Health Symposium
May 10, 2017
Resilience for Children and Adults:
Building Foundations for Emotional Well-being and Success

Why does one person overcome adversity while another falls into helplessness? Resilience is a crucial ingredient – perhaps the crucial ingredient – to a happy, healthy life.  In this fast-paced, interactive, and fun presentation, Dr. Andrew Shatté will lead you on a tour of the big questions in the psychology of resilience.

Through practical methods and vivid anecdotes, Andrew Shatté will present research that proves resilience is not a survival instinct, but rather a skill anyone can master in order to thrive. The single biggest determinant of our resilience is how we think. From the moment of cognizance, we are developing mental pathways and habits that could block our resilience. For example, how we explain events is a product of our thinking styles that may interfere with good problem solving and, ultimately, personal achievement.

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