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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do I make an appointment?
You simply call (603) 668-4111 between 8:30am - 5:00pm weekdays and ask for the Scheduling Office. Our Intake Specialists will gather information about you and schedule you with the therapist best suited to meet your particular needs. If you are calling to make an appointment for an adult friend or family member, have that person with you when you call so we can also talk to him/her.

2. What can I expect to happen during my first visit?
You will meet with your therapist for an hour or more. He/she will gather a detailed history, try to understand your needs and work with you to develop a treatment plan you feel will provide you with your desired outcomes.

3. How often will I see my therapist?
It varies. Our goal is to enable you to feel better as soon as possible. For some people the plan may include visits with one of our psychiatrists or nurse practitioners who may prescribe medications to manage symptoms and enhance recovery.

4. Will I continue to see the same therapist that I saw for my first visit?
We try to have people continue to see that therapist. Sometimes a different therapist or program is better suited to meet your needs. One advantage we offer is easy transition from one service to another as your needs change.

5. What if it is an urgent situation that occurs after hours?
We have staff on call 24 hours a day to deal with emergencies. You call 668-4111 and ask for Emergency Services. They will discuss a plan and, if needed, arrange for you to be seen by them at the Emergency Department at either Catholic Medical Center or Elliot Hospital. For life threatening emergencies call 911.

6. Will my health insurance pay for my services?
Nearly all the services we offer are covered by health insurance. We have contracts with most area health insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare. We will describe any co-pays, deductibles or other costs for which you may be responsible.

7. Is financial assistance available?
We do offer a sliding fee scale based on income and family size for most fees not covered by insurance. If the reduced fee is still too burdensome, our business office staff will examine your finances and work with you to develop a reasonable payment plan.

8. Will my records be kept confidential?
There are very strict laws and regulations to protect the privacy of healthcare information. We carefully adhere to these standards.

9. I am worried about a friend/family member who is very sad and not enjoying life. What can I do?
Resist the temptation to advise or lecture. Instead, in a supportive manner, mention your concern and desire to help. If he/she responds positively, tell them you are happy to listen but the most effective thing you can do is to help them to connect with someone trained to help them. Then offer to assist him/her in calling us. If you are concerned that this person may harm him/herself, call us for advice or, if necessary, call 911.

10. I am a provider of mental health services and I wish to refer someone to one of your program or service. What should I do?
You should call (603)-668-4111 and ask to speak to the Director of the program or service you are inquiring about.

11. How can I get more information on your programs and services?
Review our website or call our Marketing Office at 668-4111 to request descriptive materials. Our Scheduling Office is also very well informed about our programs and services.

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