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Why Give to The Mental Health Center?

The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester depends on concerned citizens like you to increase the public's understanding of the common thread mental illness plays in our lives. It is estimated, that one in four people today are affected by some form of mental illness -  it holds no boundaries or limitations.

Make a DifferenceUnexpected life circumstances coupled with the economic downturn; has been driving up the number of people who are unable to cover the cost of their mental health care.The trend can seem unstoppable, but you can make a difference.

Donations to MHCGM will be utilized to provide free or subsidized mental health care for community members in need.
We feel everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve mental wellness and we hope you do to!
Whether you are an individual who wishes to support our cause or an organization choosing to make mental health a charity of choice; you can be sure your donation will be used efficiently and effectively to help those in need.

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